Quintimacy WorkshopsI work with ‘Anybody with a Body’.

I am open to holding workshops for all sorts of groups of people.

My main workshop offerings at the moment are for LGBTQ people, under the name of ‘Quintimacy’ (Queer Intimacy).

Intimacy can mean a lot of things so these workshops will range from non-sexual, clothed touch and cuddle spaces to deep dives into our intimate parts and erotic practices.

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Quintimacy Workshops

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What people said:

“Beck’s workshops are perfect for LGBT people who are nervous or beginners to this kind of thing, and I would suggest anyone who want to explore their relationship to touch and intimacy give it a try.”

“I feel relaxed, empowered, proud of myself and the other participants. Beck made it such a lovely accessible experience for everyone and is an awesome coach!”

“I learnt more about giving and receiving touch, and am inspired by the Betty Martin Wheel of Consent.”

“I am feeling much stronger and able to speak up, not only for what my body says no to, but also what it desires. I came away from the workshop feeling like this was an important jigsaw piece of my healing, and it was doing it in an LGBTQ group that made it safe enough for that.“

Bespoke package for groups

Would you like a workshop on sexuality, somatic sex education, consent and boundaries for a group you know? Or would you like me to hold a conscious touch, intimacy and cuddle event? I also hold workshops at festivals and events (e.g. Quintasensual Festival and for LGBT Foundation, Manchester).

For more information, please contact me by clicking here to fill in our contact form.

Also to keep up to date with our groups and workshops please see our News page. To read a blog on how I make my workshops such as safe place for people to explore, see ‘Ways I make safer workshop spaces’.