Why am I holding a Body Massage for Pairs workshop?

Part 1 of The Quintimacy Series (Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent) was a truly wonderful experience and a pleasure to facilitate. I witnessed a group of 8 participants go from extremely shy, nervous and anxious to even talk to each other, to a wonderful, if tentative, sharing of giving and receiving of touch with each other, the room a calm, quiet atmosphere to do this important work. We even ended with a group spooning chain, which was a surprise to many of the group who found themselves spooning others who were complete strangers just 3 hours before!

Part 2 is Body Massage for Pairs. A Pair is 2 friends, 2 people in an established relationship, 2 people who met at Part 1, or even 2 people on their 4th date! It is for people who want to learn some Massage for relationship skills in a safe, queer space, where their needs will be respected and understood. Every bit of the massage demo and practice opportunity will be underpinned by a rich consent culture, which is why we offered the workshop about Consent and Boundaries first.

I am trained in Holistic, Swedish and Tantric massage (as well as genital massage). I also did extra courses in hand, arm, leg and feet and seated Acupressure massage. Now I ‘freestyle’ as I do a lot of massage; I have probably made up some moves too.

I love massage! It serves so many purposes, for the giver and receiver. One of the most recent massages I received was from a completely untrained partner, when I was feeling drained and emotional; she simply massaged my feet and calves. I had a huge emotional release and hot tears of gratitude were running down my face. I was exclaiming ‘This is bodywork. This is what it is!’. It is one dimension of what massage can be. It can also be tension-relieving, relaxing, get you in touch with your body, soothing, a cure for insomnia, nurturing, bonding, trust-building, intimate, teasing, erotic and ‘foreplay’ in that it can be a great way to lead to a sexual encounter (but nice to not have an agenda too). Depending on what you agree with your partner and what the intention is behind your touch.

Why I am running a Body Massage for Pairs workshop? What’s it all about?

At Part 2, I want people to go away with the techniques for relaxing and sensual massage, but if that was the only point of it, I could make an online video or even point them to a YouTube video. This workshop is an experience that we share with others. Let’s do something beautiful (and scary) in a group together, let’s risk feeling vulnerable and find out we can be OK, let’s build bonding and intimacy with others in our community, let’s find our learning edge and empower ourselves to expand our horizons.

There will be something for everyone, ranging from a friendly, relaxing foot-rub for those who really don’t wish to remove clothes, through to a full body, oil (or cornflour for those oil averse) massage that aims to raise erotic energy and excite the senses, and everything in between. The full range will be demonstrated with a willing demo-model at this workshop, which I hope will be received as a gift by everyone (even though seeing something as intimate as this in a public place might be a new experience for some!). Perhaps in the privacy of their own home, even the most nervous of participants will try out these full body massage practices and find out how wonderful and life-enhancing all kinds of massage between lovers, friends and partners can be.

There will not be any direct genital touch or massage (that’s a whole other workshop!)

There are limited places left on this Body Massage for Pairs workshop on Sunday 18th February. See Workshops Page or Facebook Page. There are places for 1 or 2 pairs (so you could bring your partner or a friend) and 1 person attending by themselves (to be paired up with another participant). If you would like to join us, please email me on bodycurious.midlands@gmail.com.

Or watch this space for future Quintimacy events!

Thanks for reading,
Body Curious


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