Trans and Queer - Image by work with ‘anybody with a body’ but I understand that for LGBT, queer, intersex and trans (including people who identify as non-binary) who do not fit into society’s heavily regulated norms around body image, gender expression and sexual attraction and expression can face extra challenges in the realm of sex, intimacy, pleasure and feeling safe enough to enjoy our own bodies.

I also believe we have a wonderful opportunity to find and create expression that feels right to us and explore and share this thriving with other LGBT, queer and trans people. That’s where my workshops come in, because we can choose to do this work in community.

Some specific areas of work I can undertake with people around sexuality and gender (not exhaustive);

  • Helping you get to know your body and become more connected to it, and to your sensation and pleasure, following hormonal or surgical transition.
  • We can work with your body where it has been changed through surgery, using scar remediation (ScarWork ®), mapping, connecting with the body’s story about what has happened, processing emotions.
  • Working on embodied consent and boundaries and exploring what your body wants and doesn’t want.
  • Exploring your sexual and gender expression in a safe space, being witnessed as you truly are, or as you grow and transition, being sexual in ways that bring pleasure to you.
  • Exploring anal pleasure and health, in particular for men who have sex with men and gay identified people, who are often affected by shame and negativity around anal pleasure, and can benefit from education and empowerment around it.
  • Work with couples where one or both is trans, to help enhance connection and communication and increase intimacy between partners and explore new skills, possibilities and expand your sexual life together.
  • A safe space to be yourself and talk about sex and pleasure issues from an LGBT, queer and trans perspective.
  • A safe space for trans, lesbian, queer and bi women to explore sexuality, acknowledging the negative experiences we have had and empowering women to find your voice and pleasure.
  • A place for relaxation, pleasure, experiencing variety of touch and feeling amazing!

You can be confident you won’t spend time and energy educating me on trans issues or feeling concerned you will be judged or misunderstood. Read testimonials from a trans man, a non binary trans person, a partner of a trans person,

For more information or to chat about your options, please contact me by either clicking here to fill in the contact form.