8th October 2017

“I came to Beck for several sessions with my partner, primarily focussing on creating a safe space for intimacy. I have struggled for a long time with sex because of a history of trauma, but Beck always made me feel safe and supported and never pushed me into doing something I was uncomfortable with. She was respectful of my past and approached each interaction with kindness, which made me feel able to open up and participate in bodywork in a way I never expected to be able to do. I am also disabled and suffer from several chronic illnesses, which Beck was always very attentive about. She always made sure I was physically comfortable, and put accommodations in place to enable me to participate as fully as I could given the limitations of my body.
Sexological bodywork offers a real opportunity to work with a specialist who is sensitive, experienced, and compassionate to every person and their complex sexual identity, and I gained so much from working with Beck – plus our sex life improved almost immediately! In short, I would recommend Beck to anyone who wants to have sex. Beck is an amazing practitioner who approached every session with an open heart and an open mind, and I would love to come back and work with her again.”

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