Create your own Urban Retreat for Embodied pleasure!

People take themselves off on yoga retreats, countryside getaways and city Spa breaks. So, why not do the same to focus on your erotic embodiment and sexual wellbeing?

I have potential clients contacting me from all over the UK and Europe. Many people specifically seek me out, rather than a more local practitioner, because of my areas of experience and specialist knowledge. Several of these clients have decided to book two sessions on two consecutive days (typically a Friday and Saturday) and stay in a local hotel overnight.

I am based in Wigston, a town on the outskirts of Leicester, in the Midlands, and recently a new 4-star hotel development popped up 3 min walk away from me.  So, it is not quite a cabin in the remote woods, but I guess you have to go where your Sexological Bodyworker is, right?

For the clients who have opted for this, their trip itinerary can look like this:


Drive (there is a free car park for guests) or get the train to Leicester (a taxi from the train station is about £8).


Rest, shower and eat, or perhaps take a little stroll found the large park next door.

Session 1 of our time

Take a stroll over to my workspace for a 2-3 hour session. If we haven’t met before, we are likely to be doing lots of lovely relaxing, playful games that are designed to get us connected to our bodies, and important to our embodied consent. This session is laying the foundation for whatever we might do on session two (typically the following morning).

Your evening time for you


Spend the evening in the hotel (which is newly refurbished and also has a bar, a coffee outlet and a pizza restaurant). There is also now a 24-hour gym. Clients use their time in the hotel to practice self-care, order room service, rest away from their everyday responsibilities and if they choose to, do some of the erotic home-play practices I might suggest for them.


The large local park is right next door and this offers a stroll through woods, wide-open fields and along a babbling stream, and outdoor gyms, tennis courts and Footgolf course.

Queens Road is a local shopping, eating and socialising area within a 10-minute drive or taxi ride, where you can visit Delis, cafes, second-hand bookshops, second-hand shops, health food outlets and bars.

The city centre is just a little further, but now we are getting out of the realm of retreat and into city breaks!


Most guests at this hotel report a good night’s sleep. Hopefully, this will be you.

Session 2 of our time together

The following day, perhaps 9.30 or 10 am for 2 or 3 hours, the client returns for a further session, which can build on the previous one. Perhaps we will spend time reflecting on yesterday’s session and on what arose from the home-play last night. The second session will look different depending on what the client wants to work on and what kind of work they are ready for.

This can range from a gentle continuation of yesterday’s session, and perhaps we have agreed to explore a witnessing practice, or gentle body mapping in clothes, or perhaps undressing. If I have been working for some time with a client online, it might be that they have their heart set on receiving a particular experience, such as sensual touch, genital mapping or a genital massage. All of these options are for us to decide together.


The train ride or the drive home, depending on traffic, offers a buffer and some important reflection time, before landing back in your life.  We then check-in by email in the following couple of days.

Come solo or partnered

I have had both single people and couples come, to create themselves a little space to focus on their relationship. Some people in long term relationships leave their children and partner and come away for a couple of days to work on themselves. Even the act of carving out this space is powerful for people to realise that this aspect of their lives IS important and they deserve time and pleasure for them. My queer and trans clients have particularly valued this opportunity to connect with a queer practitioner over a 48 hour period for a really tailored and relevant service, that they may not be able to access where they live.

Flexible options

This whole idea is flexible, for example, we could explore longer sessions each day, or an evening session, for a more candlelit atmosphere!  Sessions three days in a row, or a third later on one of the days, is also a possibility. Any aspect of my work can be offered in this way, for example, therapeutic Scarwork sessions (particularly for trans related surgery and scars from self-harm), talk-only coaching and intimacy for couples.

If you are interested in creating an experience for yourself, perhaps to celebrate the emerging from lockdown, please get in touch, and I would be very happy to explore possibilities with you (in a 30 min free consultation).

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