5 of my biggest take-aways from Betty Martin ‘Like a Pro’ training

I recently spent 5 days training in the amazing Betty Martin Wheel of Consent. Betty is a fantastic Sexuality and Intimacy Coach who has developed this great wheel. For more information, you can visit https://schoolofconsent.org/downloads/ for lots of generously provided, free resources. Here is a quick thought for each day of the training and details of a short group I

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Why genital massage should be on the (adult) National Curriculum

Many sexually active adults have never experienced being touched intimately with massage or in a mindful ‘massage style’. There are many reasons why genital massage should be a ‘thing’ that is recognised and taught in way more places. Here are just a few; We can DIY We can self-massage our genitals just as we can self-massage our shoulders or feet

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6 ways Somatic Sex Coaching can help a couple

6 ways Somatic Sex Coaching can help a couple. I have had a small but significant influx of couples recently, and many other enquiries are from individuals who are part of a couple, wanting help with something that’s gone quiet or bumpy between them. The issues range from; – Loss of sexual and sensual connection – Low libido, loss of

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11 ways Sexological Bodywork is useful for trans people!

  Few people in the general population have heard of Sexological Bodywork. It is likely that more are familiar with the related practices of Tantra, Erotic Massage or conscious kink. The modality is exciting and pioneering and becoming increasingly recognised around the world. I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB), and I also work with trans young people, am involved

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10 ways to create your Practice Space for Pleasure

It’s true that non human animals don’t have sex education classes or sexological bodywork! The fact is that from an early age we DO learn (well, actually more is caught than taught – we ‘catch’ ways of physically being in our bodies, in our appetites, in our pleasure, in searching for our sensory and somatic needs from the culture around us, our parents, teachers, media etc).