[Image: Beck Thom Sexological Bodyworker of Body Curious]I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

The path that led me here included;

• Parenthood,
• Counselling training,
• Social Work degree,
• Therapeutic work,
• LGBT Youth and community work,
• Mental health group-work,
• Holistic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology,
• Involvement in sex positive, queer community and events,
• Tantra, conscious sexuality, conscious kink,
• Certified Sexological Bodywork Course,
• Trauma Training for Bodyworkers,
• ScarWork ® training (Sharon Wheeler method).

I now offer somatic sexual education, coaching and bodywork to ‘anybody with a body’ whatever your sexuality or gender identity. I have a lot of learning and tools to share with you, whatever your sexuality or gender. Importantly, I create the conditions for your growth and change, whatever that looks like for you. My goal is to help you fulfill your potential for pleasure, eroticism, intimacy and connection that you may be dreaming of.

The way I work is pretty down to earth and grounded in what the study of sexuality and sexology has taught us. This is all fused with understanding and wisdom from psychology, neuroscience and social studies. Parts of many belief systems such as Buddhism, Tantra, shamanism and practices of many indigenous and ancient cultures have been confirmed and backed up by research, study and modern science. I believe there is useful wisdom to be derived from an open attitude to both the present day and the past, to the ‘scientific’ and the spiritual, but it’s so important that this feels relevant and makes sense to you as the client. The sessions and how they are delivered will depend on your needs and what you are curious about. It’s about what gives life meaning for you.

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Body Curious

'Doing Bodywork with Beck is one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. As a trans man, sex has always been complicated for me, but following a difficult recovery from my second stage of lower surgery things had become trickier than usual. While my dysphoria was considerably reduced, we were struggling to connect with my body as something sexual again rather than a surgical site, and as a result had ended up being very avoidant about sex.
Even just after one session with Beck, things were dramatically improved. She gave us the encouragement and validation to explore together how we could reconnect on a bodily and emotional level. As well as providing a space in which we could openly talk through our fears and hopes for our sex life, she gave us practical guidance about exercises and practices we could adopt.
I imagine we will continue to use many of the things we learned with Beck for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful to Beck for helping me to reconnect with my wife after a difficult recovery, and to really feel present during sex in a way I haven't been able to before.
I would highly recommend Beck to anyone struggling with their relationship with their body — she is warm, open, kind, validating, and has a real gift for this work.'

Trans man, Midlands