[Image; sexological bodyworker with gloved hands on a client who is naked on front on massage table.]

Photography by Mike Kear. https://www.mikekear.com/

I invite ‘anybody with a body’ to work with me on sexual ‘problems’ or worries. I provide a safe space where you are free to talk openly about sex. Some people find this a huge relief in itself!

Or perhaps you are curious about different ways of giving and receiving pleasure and would like to explore and expand your confidence and sexual skills. I have experience of working with a lot of clients from different backgrounds and situations. However, I approach each new client as completely unique individuals, because you are.

‘Anybody with a body’ includes LGBT, queer and trans clients. I have a particular interest and understanding around this client group. For more detail about what I can offer to LGBT, queer and trans clients, please click here.


All sessions take place in a calm, comfortable and private dedicated space for 1.5 to 3 hours. We will make an agreement together about what we want to achieve in the session and any limits and boundaries.

It is so important for you to feel safe and understood to work with me about such intimate and personal issues. In order to protect your safety and wellbeing, I work within the Ethical code of conduct for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.

This includes;

    • One-way touch only (from me to client.)
    • I am always fully clothed.
    • Gloves (non latex) are worn for intimate bodywork.
    • We maintain professional boundaries with clients, do not have relationships with them and are clear that need for intimacy is not met through the work we do together.
    • We maintain strict client confidentiality.

ASIS Prof Member

I am a member of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists).

Please see below for details of the services I offer. For more detail about what I can offer to LGBT, queer and trans clients, please click here.

For more information or to chat about your options, please contact me by either clicking here to fill in our contact form.

Free 30 minutes online consultation

I offer 30 minutes appointment free of charge to discuss what you are looking for and whether we would be a great match to work together. Often the work starts in that phone call, people have said that they felt different from that first call, and waiting for their first appointment.

Cost – Free

One to one or couples ‘online’

For clients who are too geographically far to have a ‘real life’ session, or who are unable to for any reason, I offer skype/zoom sessions for a reduced price. We can achieve everything we can face to face except for direct bodywork where I touch you. However, coaching, witnessing and self-touch, or work with a partner (off camera or at a later time) can all take place in a skype/zoom call.

Cost – £75.00 per hour

One to one ‘real life’

I can offer real life sessions (in Wigston, Leicestershire and other venues to be confirmed) of 90 minutes minimum and a series of sessions is recommended. These can be weekly or monthly, or more frequently if you wish.

Cost – £150.00 per session

Couples in ‘real life’

Again, I can work with couples in my base in Wigston, Leicestershire. 90 minute sessions as a minimum and a series of sessions is recommended. In couple’s work, it is not necessary for me to touch you as the clients. (Please note, this is not couple counselling, if your relationship is in crisis, please seek support of relationship counsellor).

Cost – £150.00 per session

Please see Packages for ways to save money when booking several sessions and paying up front.

To arrange a consultation or book a session, please contact me by either clicking here to fill in the contact form.