Why am I holding a Body Massage for Pairs workshop?

Part 1 of The Quintimacy Series (Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent) was a truly wonderful experience and a pleasure to facilitate. I witnessed a group of 8 participants go from extremely shy, nervous and anxious to even talk to each other, to a wonderful, if tentative, sharing of giving and receiving of touch with each other, the room a calm,

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Have you been hiding from touch? Why conscious touch is a thing

“…one of the most joyful aspects of being a human and being alive, how our bodies can experience sensation and you have a right to go on a pleasure-hunt!” There are many ways we might hide from touch, even at the very moment we are receiving it or giving it. Physical touch and intimacy can be so loaded and problematic

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A trio of Queer Intimacy workshops for the LGBTQ community in Leicester and beyond. 18+ and Interested? See our flyer below.