10 ways to create your Practice Space for Pleasure

It’s true that non human animals don’t have sex education classes or sexological bodywork! The fact is that from an early age we DO learn (well, actually more is caught than taught – we ‘catch’ ways of physically being in our bodies, in our appetites, in our pleasure, in searching for our sensory and somatic needs from the culture around us, our parents, teachers, media etc).

Talk and Q&A – What is Sexological Bodywork and how can it help you?

What is Sexological Bodywork/Somatic Sex Education and what can it do for you, your partner/s, your friends and your communities? This will be an informal talk and Q&A by Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Beck Thom, of Body Curious, a new practice based in Leicester. This talk is aimed at LGBTQ people (and partners/supporters) who want to find out about Sexological Bodywork

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When resistance and perfectionism pops up in sex coaching

One of my words in my tagline is ‘Transformation’. When you read about Sexological Bodywork or somatic sexual education, you might have come across some of the practices we can use to get you more ‘in our body’ and increase erotic embodiment. You might have contemplated doing something like ‘orgasmic yoga’ or mindful erotic practices, or changing how you self-pleasure.

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