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Body Curious – Certified Sexological Bodyworker


Body Curious – I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator. I am interested in helping you with your sexual and intimate life. Whatever your concerns about it, there may be something I can do to help you.

Whatever your gender or sexuality, relationship style or anything else about you, maybe there is something niggling you about your relationship, your sex life, or lack of it?

I am able to work with situations that are often called ‘sexual problems’ such as erectile issues, ejaculation control, vaginismus, and there is so much more we can explore and expand in our sensual, sexual and intimate lives by developing somatic practices. This is where I can help you.


Do you relate to any of these?

  • Low confidence about sex and intimacy.
  • Your body has changed for some reason, and this has affected your enjoyment of sex.
  • You aren’t sure what kind of touch you like.
  • You have a lot of fear and insecurity about sex.
  • You have had previous negative experiences and you would like to discover your capacity for positive experiences and pleasure?
  • You aren’t sure about your relationship with porn or fantasy?
  • You might be bored sexually or have lost your libido?
  • You and your partner would like to enhance your connection and sexual life?
  • You like to get to know, and become more connected to your body, its anatomy and its capacity for pleasure and sensation?
  • You might have scars which are physically or emotionally affecting your sexual life.
  • You identity as trans and want to explore and celebrate your sexuality and pleasure following social or medical transition.
  • You might have experienced trauma and following counselling, you are ready to work on recovering your intimate and sexual life from its effects.
  • You know there is more to sexuality than what we are taught and you want to explore your sexuality, pleasure and orgasmicity.

My priority is making you feel safe and comfortable throughout our work together. This can begin with a 30 minute free (completely confidential) Skype consultation to discuss your desires, hopes and needs. Either click here to fill in our contact form.


How I can help – somatic sex educator/coach and bodyworker

As a somatic sex educator/coach and bodyworker (more info about these ways of working here), I use a whole range of ways (breath, movement, ‘games’, exercises) to help you with your sexual worries and things you would like to change. The somatic part refers to our experience of being in our bodies and how we experience our bodies as sexual. It has a lot to do with the Mind/Body connection. The work we do can be talking/coaching but will always be body-centred. We will learn through exploring with curiosity in a safe, non-judgemental, trauma informed space. With exactly the same safety and curiosity, we can learn and process difficulties and barriers (and also find more pleasure and joy) through touch and bodywork if this is what you want.

I can work with you on your own, you and a partner together. Or alternatively maybe you could check out my workshops and events, or join a small group that I run. For more details on my workshops please click here.

Please see my client testimonials below.


My Services – ‘anybody with a body’

Body CuriousI invite ‘anybody with a body’ to work with me on any of your sexual issues, concerns, worries or areas you would like to expand your skills in. As well as, pleasure and confidence. I have experience of working with a lot of different people from different backgrounds and situations. However, I approach each new client as completely unique individuals, because you are.

For more details of services offered to ‘anybody with a body’ please click here.

What our clients say…

Body Curious

‘Doing Bodywork with Beck is one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. As a trans man, sex has always been complicated for me, but following a difficult recovery from my second stage of lower surgery things had become trickier than usual. While my dysphoria was considerably reduced, we were struggling to connect with my body Read More

Trans man, Midlands

Body Curious

“I came to Beck for several sessions with my partner, primarily focussing on creating a safe space for intimacy. I have struggled for a long time with sex because of a history of trauma, but Beck always made me feel safe and supported and never pushed me into doing something I was uncomfortable with. She was respectful of my past Read More


Body Curious

“Beck was extremely supportive and encouraging and made us both feel comfortable, relaxed, safe. Neither my partner or I had been for any sort of ‘therapy’ together and so this was a new one for both of us. The questionnaire we completed before the session was in itself extremely beneficial as it got us talking and sharing stuff we didn’t Read More

Laura and Pete